Sa pagitan ng langit full movie part 1

Sa pagitan ng langit full movie part 1

Ill probably try to get another HD DVD player for my living room and use it as an up converting player since me and my wife have about 600 SD DVDs together. So, its no big deal. The Blue ray player may fail as well without competition. I refuse to pay 400 for a Blue ray player that looks to better than HD DVD. The death of Blue ray could be next. Standard Dvds when uprgraded to 1080 look almost as clear so there is no reason to pay 400 for Blue-ray player. I originally bought the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on. This entry level player was an exceptional vehicle into the world of Hi Def movie viewing. Due to some limitations 720p resolution, less feature rich than stand-alones, I later bought a stand-alone HD DVD player. It seems to me that the only feature that Blu Ray offers vs HD DVD is more storage size. While this additional information can translate into better video/audio quality and additional features, from the items I have seen on PS3s and store demos, I felt like my purchases were well worth the money and that the differences, if there were any, were minimal. Additionally, due to a lower price on the entry level players and lower costs associated for production, as well as Microsofts strong backing, I felt that I had made the right choice in which format to back. Not the first time I was wrong. It seems that Sony has learned quite a few things since the Beta flop. Hopefully Ill be able to pick up some really cheap movies now, though:. if you have a blu-ray dvd player why would you be worried about backward compatability? and the region codes arent a big deal anyways unless you pirate movies, which degrades video quality anyway and makes hi def kind of pointless right? I do think it is something to celebrate, prices will continue to go down on Blu-Ray hardware and software, while consumers with large DVD libraries will be grateful for the up-conversion Blu-Ray players allow. Really, the only issue I consider a let down is the region coding. I myself was not aware of HD-DVDs lack of region coding sa pagitan ng langit full movie part 1 I consider myself relatively tech aware. Since I own some British DVDs and am interested in buying more in the future this would have swayed me a bit. I hope that the Blu-Ray group realize soon that maintaining region coding will only hurt sales rather than fight piracy and as video downloads become more popular will especially hold back the potential for Blu-Ray market share. I bought an HD DVD player and have thoroughly enjoyed it sense day-one. I get the point that Blu-Ray has more potential for an upgrade future, but is that REALLY going to show up? I would bet that a new technology takes hold before that future even has a chance to develop. I also dont understand the determination to knock down HD DVD. Congratulations weve effectively undermined the competition. Now we have a format that is UBER-expensive and no longer has any rival to drive down its good job. I could understand a victory if both formats were moderately priced, sa pagitan ng langit full movie part 1 then the technologic merits might have more weight regarding who should win. Dont hold your breath for a fully loaded Blu Ray machine to get cheaper any time soon. If you find a cheap one, read the you probably wont find TrueHD or other features that you find standard on most HD players. In my opinion, this defeat is a result of Sony buying its victory from the other studios fair enough I suppose in the business world and HDs pathetic marketing. We opted to go with the blue-ray technology especially since it seemed to be the favored of the two by Disney. Like I told my husband you cannot go wrong with what Disney is picking. Seems I was correct in my assumption.

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